Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP Facial

Become beautiful and have youthful skin with your own blood platelet rich plasma and growth factors. A simple procedure can turn the clock back. The PRP Facial is a noninvasive in office procedure where a small amount of your blood is drawn from your arm, then platelet rich plasma is obtained with simple techniques and injected into your face or neck. This utilizes your own natural growth factors and other cytokines to give the skin texture, tone, glow, tightness and fullness. Within a few days after the injections, your growth factors are released and start making new collagen, fibrin matrix, angiogenesis and new cells. The result is youthful vibrant looking skin with less wrinkles and lines.



  • Results of the PRP Facial are immediate and get better over the course of the following three weeks to naturally reduce or eliminate lines, folds & wrinkles

  • PRP Therapy uses your own natural resources so there is no risk of allergic reaction

  • PRP Therapy is ideal for those dislike synthetic products

  • There is little or no swelling, bruising or lumping

  • The PRP Facial offers lasting, natural effects.

  • The PRP Facial treats:

    • Crow’s feet

    • Dark circles under your eyes

    • Acne scarred and sun-damaged skin

    • Fine lines around your mouth

    • Sallow or dry skin, giving your skin a natural, youthful glow!


What to know:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood is injected into your face with a special microneedling tool, stimulating the growth of new stem cells in the face.

  • Collagen will start forming within weeks of the procedure. The procedure takes less than an hour.

  • Because the skin receives tiny punctures, swelling, irritation, redness might occur. This will subside in the following 24 – 48 hours of the procedure.

  • Bruising may occur and last up to two weeks.

  • After this treatment your face will be red. The redness will subside each day. 

  • Effects last up to a year, but, as with any facial, the procedure could be repeated every three to four months for maximum effectiveness.

  • Best results are obtained by having three treatments, about a month apart each.

  • This procedure is not recommended for anybody with blood-related conditions. Please consult with your medical practitioner beforehand.

  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and herbal supplements for 72 hours prior to treatment. These medications can increase the chances of bruising.

PRP Facelift

The PRP Facelift is a customized non-surgical procedure that involves the re-injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), which is derived from your own blood and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers into areas of your face to rejuvenate your face and treat wrinkles. PRP is a blood plasma that is enriched with platelets. When it is activated using calcium chloride or thrombin, it turns into a viscous gel which is otherwise called PRFM (Platelet rich fibrin matrix). This contains elevated levels of cytokines, which are platelet-derived growth factors, which are re-introduced to the problem areas by injection.

The PRP Facelift Benefits

As we begin to age, our skin changes. You may not notice the effects each day. However, in time, you will start to sag and develop wrinkles. The skin loses its fat content and does not look as plump and youthful as it did in your prime. The growth factors found in the PRP are responsible for improving your skin texture, volume and laxity. The Hyaluronic acid filler is used to soften the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the whole procedure can help you look younger and the effects are reported to last for one year. Smile lines, tear trough and marionette lines are said to benefit most from this innovative procedure. It is also effective in improving the lip border and cheek volume. The best part is that it requires a minimal downtime.

PRP Breast Lift


The PRP Breast Lift is a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to traditional breast implants and breast lifts. The PRP Breast Lift has been shown to provide:

  • Shapelier breasts

  • Decreased skin sag

  • Reduced wrinkles

  • Reduced vein appearance

  • Increased sensation in the breasts

Using the same proven scientific process as the PRP Facelift, the PRP Breast Lift can improve your breast appearance, all without the risks associated with a traditional breast implant or breast lift procedure.


Like the PRP Facelift, the PRP Breast Lift makes use of platelet rich plasma, also called PRP. Using a safe, completely natural procedure, this platelet rich plasma is extracted from your own bloodstream. The PRP Breast Lift process is as follows:

  • Blood is extracted from your body, typically the arm

  • This blood is spun in a special centrifuge that extracts only platelet rich plasma (PRP)

  • Along with a naturally-occurring regenerative solution, the PRP is injected in nipple, breast and areola

  • This special regenerative solution improves the texture, lift and appearance of your breasts and nipples

Because PRP Breast Lift is non-invasive, it features:

  • No downtime

  • Virtually no pain (topical anesthetics are available)

  • No scars

  • No loss of breast sensitivity

PRP Breast Lift provides a sexy, youthful look you'll be proud of.